Her Creative Studio is Based in Portland, OR, USA

Janessa is a Freelance Illustrator.  Janessa is currently accepting new projects and commissions that can utilize her creativity, experience and qualities as an Artist. She recieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2011.  

If you would like more information about her artwork, creative practice, would like to buy a print, are looking for a quote for a freelance illustration or design project, or interested in a talented professional artist to join your business, e-mail her. She loves informational meetings, selling her personal work, or customizing a piece of art that will fit you.

Janessas' specialties include Hand Drawn and Digital Illustration, Sign Painting, Apparel Design, Typography, Mural Painting, Graphic Design, Fashion Marketing, Logos, Layout, Screen Print and Craft work including Woodworking, and Sign Making.

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